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Infield Camps

Are you looking to become a smooth and consistent infielder?  If so, don't miss out on Coach Joe's infield camps. Players will be coached up with hand eye coordination, proper fielding posture, footwork, and arm slot repetition.  Camps are for serious infielders looking to take their game to the next level. Coach Joe is a student and member of the Trosky/Morengo elite infield teachings.

Player Development

Are you a player or group that is looking to get after it and make strides that will allow you to catch or separate yourself from the competition?  If so, Complete Player Development is for you.  1.5 hrs of structured practice curtailed to the needs of the player or group (1 - 4 players) will help set you apart.  Looking to excel at the 5 tools of the game or need a position specific workout, we will cater to those needs along with stressing the mental side of the game (6th Tool).  Theres no limit to what we can achieve. 

Hitting Camps are perfect for the player who is looking to get more swings.  Fall and Winter are often times when we just aren't getting enough swings to stay sharp in the box.  Come and get the swings that you need to keep heading in the right direction and to open the season finding barrels.

If you are an aspiring young pitcher who is looking to master the craft, coach Joe can help with your process.  Throwing harder and more strikes is everyones goal but getting the mind right is the key ingredient.  We will get your mechanics in line through proper evaluation and adjustments while making you a stronger more aware pitcher mentally.  Don't underestimate the power of our minds. #6toolnation

Pitching Lessons

Currently Not Available

Speed - Agility


Getting yourself in baseball shape is a key to success.  The stronger you are physically, the better you will hold up mentally.  Swing City has added Speed, Agility, and Strength to our program to help get you to that next level.  Becoming faster, more agile, and stronger through plyometrics, body weight, explosion, and core strength is part of our recipe to success.

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Hitting Camps

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